Our 27 hectares of vineyards are located in Kindzmarauli micro-zone (AOC) at the confluence of the Alazani and Duruji rivers.

The soil, the temperature, and the team's professionalism allow us annually to produce 5000 - 6000 kilograms of grapes per hectare.

We use only bio dynamic products to care for the vineyards and do not use chemical fertilizers or fungicides.
We harvest grapes by hand, using a selective method, and transport them using only 15kg boxes, ensuring undamaged transport of the fruit. Location of vineyard are in couple of meters from the estate.
Before placing them in vinification tanks, the grapes are carefully monitor and selected on vibrating sorting table, then picked from the stems and lightly crushed. We use first-hand and best grape juice making our wines distinguished from others.

Data Gamgoneishvili

Master of Wine-Viticulture
- SupAgro Montpellier & Bordeaux Sciences Agro (France)
- Université Hochschule Geisenheim (Germany)

From 2019 Data joined JSC Friends' Cellar as a chief oenologist and since then is making wine for Ikano Estate.
Also he owns small wine cellar under the brand name Oreste Wine Estate.